News Daily Spot: Twitter closes Vine , the application for microvídeos

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Twitter closes Vine , the application for microvídeos

Twitter and Vine separate. The popular application for the tweeters microvídeos could insert into their tweets and post them, comes to an end.

"Since 2013, millions of people have turned to Vine to laugh and test your creativity. But today, we give the news that in the coming months will suspend the mobile application," said the statement jointly issued by both companies Vine's blog.

Those responsible, leaving still many unknowns in the air, explained that the "app" will no longer be updated but will close permanently.

That is, they can not be up to new Twitter "vines" but users can access their little creations because, at least for now, will remain.

During the presentation of its quarterly accounts, Twitter said it will focus on improving its main service and "despriorizaría" certain initiatives, after recording losses of 103 million dollars (94 million euros) in the third quarter of its fiscal year .

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