News Daily Spot: Learn how to apply filters to the videos on Facebook Live

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Learn how to apply filters to the videos on Facebook Live

In recent months, Facebook has been watching the progress of its competitors and, although some qualify them plain copy, it is clear that the company has attempted to respond to the interests of the market as quickly as possible.

Chris Cox, product manager of the company, presented at an event organized by The Wall Street Journal's new Facebook application to add artistic filters to the same style of Prisma, a popular 'app' of Russian origin that performs the same function.

According to Cox explained, it is an aggregate that is still under development.

Later he would own Mark Zuckerberg, who show some details of the application to your personal account through various videos. In its publication, he explained that the decision he made with his smartphone used an artificial intelligence technique called "transfer style."

"The idea is to show an artificial intelligence painting and then drawing on the photos or videos in real time. I hope to put this in your hands soon!" Said the CEO of Facebook.
In another publication, the director of Artificial Intelligence Research Company, Yann LeCun, said the new technology cited by Zuckerberg uses methods of what is known as "deep learning" to achieve the effect of the images.

The "deep learning" tries to mimic the human brain function to perform processes that people perform in an apparently intuitive.

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