News Daily Spot: Created a mobile application that detects myocardial infarctions

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Created a mobile application that detects myocardial infarctions

A group of researchers from the University of Turku (Finland) has developed a mobile application that can detect heart attacks using the motion sensors of smartphones, reported vierns the university.

The application, the trial version will be available in 2017, it employs sensors like the gyroscope, preinstalled on all models of iPhone and many Android devices to measure the rotating micro-movements of the chest cavity just putting the phone on his chest for two minutes.

Subsequently, the application uses an algorithm to process the data and detect any anomalies in the functioning of the heart.

According to Finnish researchers, if the patient first records the movements of his heart under normal conditions, the application is able to detect a possible attack with an accuracy above 90%.

"When blood flow to the heart muscle is disturbed, these micro-movements in the chest are affected and the phone can feel it," says the project manager, Tero Koivisto.

When a patient feels a pain in the chest, he explains, you will only have to place the phone on the heart and the application will give a diagnosis after two minutes, after collecting and processing data.

According to Finnish researchers, detecting myocardial infarction as the first symptoms is essential to medical care as soon as possible.

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