News Daily Spot: 7.5 degrees earthquake shakes central Peru

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7.5 degrees earthquake shakes central Peru

An earthquake measuring 7.5 degrees on Tuesday shook the south central part of Peru, with its epicenter in the Amazon bordering Brazil, causing alarm in sectors of the population with no immediate reports of damage from the authorities.


According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the quake had a magnitude of 7.5 degrees and was centered an Amazonian territory in the Madre de Dios region, 173 kilometers northwest of the city of Iberia in Peru border to acre, Brazil.

According to Peruvian media reports, the quake occurred at 17h45 local (22h45 GMT) and shook the cities of Cuzco, Tacna, Arequipa Pucallpa and also in northern Chile and Bolivia.

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