News Daily Spot: Macri met with Fernandez revealed that "it was not worth it" for transition

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Macri met with Fernandez revealed that "it was not worth it" for transition

Argentina's president-elect, Mauricio Macri, said the meeting held today at the official residence of Olivos with the current president, Cristina Fernandez, was "cordial and short" but "not worth it" to address the transition details .


The meeting was "cordial, but short" and "did not raise an agenda. It was not worth it. We did not feel it was worth going into these issues, "he said, referring to the outstanding issues on the transition, during an interview with the channel Todo Noticias.

"He told me that I had called for a personal greeting before me on December 10. We talked about the 10 and the formality of the handover ceremony. And there was no more than that, "he added.

Macri also said that the president ahead of him to "be a minister for handover in the last days" and that the eve of the inauguration ceremony of the office "will sign the transfer papers."

No meeting of ministers or senior government officials and partners Macri Fernandez was agreed to advance the transition process during a meeting in which, he said, there was also no photographers were alone together.

The important summed Macri, is that "we will transfer accordingly, at the Congress of the Nation" and "I'm glad she has ratified which was well disposed to do the ceremony properly and give rise to something as important as the transfer of command, "he added.

"The important thing is to continue working on the preparation because it is crazy the electoral agenda of this country, it is something to review, in a transition where there are barely 8 business days of work and to be ready for handover is a time very short".

Cristina Fernandez today Macri summoned to a closed-door meeting at the presidential residence of Olivos, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

After the meeting, Macri came with the intention of talking to the press, but before the tumult of journalists and citizens who expected him to return custody was inside the residence.

Cristina Fernandez has not appeared in public or made statements after Election Day that gave victory to Macri, last Sunday.

Mauricio Macri takes office on December 10 after twelve years of Kirchner governments.

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