News Daily Spot: Jack Dorsey takes the reins permanently Twitter.

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Jack Dorsey takes the reins permanently Twitter.

Twitter Jack Dorsey rehired as its CEO, with the hope that the co-founder of the site short message can hatch a plan to expand the audience of service and end nearly a decade of financial losses.

Hiring revealed Monday in a regulatory filing marked the end of a three-month search for a new leader by Twitter. It will be the second season of Dorsey as CEO since he helped start the company in San Francisco more than nine years ago, along with Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

Dorsey twitter dismissed during his first time as a director, but now the board of the site seems convinced he has the maturity to solve problems that have made the company's shares have lost almost half their value in the last five months.

Dorsey, 38, has already had work experience. Interim CEO of Twitter turned into July after the former comedian and veteran entrepreneur Dick Costolo resigned amid discontent from shareholders.

It is thought that Twitter have seen their incomes director, Adam Bain, and several other candidates before settling on Dorsey. Bain, 42, was named chief operating while Dorsey's appointment was announced.

Dorsey is no longer the president of council on Twitter, but will continue as CEO of Square Inc., a company he co-founded in 2009, while the initial public offering of shares in the company is prepared.

Thus, the directory Twitter retracted a pledge issued in late June, when he said he would choose a CEO able to make a "full-time commitment" with the company.

As simultaneous CEO of two companies, Dorsey will surely bring more comparisons with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a comparison that Dorsey has never discouraged.

The headquarters of Twitter and Square are one block each other, possibly provide it to Dorsey divide their roles in both companies.

The analyst Colin Sebastian of RW Baird firm, said the decision is in the right direction for Twitter.

"We believe that Dorsey has the vision and the organizational clout to tackle some of the main challenges of Twitter (ie, acquiring users, improvement rate of the platform, prospects for monetizing the long term," Sebastian wrote

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