News Daily Spot: The chaos that erupted in Air France by a plan to dismiss 2,900 employees.

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The chaos that erupted in Air France by a plan to dismiss 2,900 employees.

Dozens of workers from the French airline Air France entered at the headquarters of the group and assaulted members of the management at the time when shelled its adjustment plan which includes the dismissal of 2,900 employees, the first in the history of company.

While President of Air France, Frédéric Gagey, hastily left the place when they saw the workers, they surrounded the human resources director, Xavier Broseta, who tore his shirt.

The direction condemned these acts and announced he will file a complaint for "aggravated violence".

Airline unions had called a day of strikes that has had little impact on traffic of the company and a demonstration at the gates of the headquarters of Air France, located near the Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle .

Inside occurred commitee direction in which union representatives explained their adjustment, passing through the reduction of 10% of its flights, which will result in the elimination of 2,900 jobs.

A group of workers managed to overcome the security barriers that prevented them from entering the venue of the meeting, which led to the suspension of the Committee and degenerated into incidents with members of management

With growing competition from low cost carriers on its flights short and medium haul and the Gulf carriers in long-haul Air France launched a plan to increase productivity which sought consensus with trade unions.

But last week gave the negotiations broken and accused the representatives of the pilots of not wanting to compromise, so it launched an alternative plan that passes through the reduction of activity and for the first time in its history, for layoffs.

According to figures provided to the unions, the company intends to dispense over the next two years of 300 pilots, 700 flight attendants and 1,900 ground staff, of the 64,000 workers who have their template.

Five long-distance connections will be suppressed and fourteen of his suppressed aircraft fleet, plus the restructuring of some of its routes.

The French Government, which has 17.6% of the shares of the company, supports the plans of management, but through various ministers has called for the negotiations to recover and the pilots make concessions.

The company claims them more flying hours for the same pay, something that refuse on the grounds that their conditions are worse than those of colleagues in other airlines, such as Swiss Air, British Airways and KLM, Air France partner.

The French company sees half of its long-haul routes are deficient and needs to improve staff productivity by 17% in order to be competitive.

The airline plans to present a balanced account in the current year, but attributes it to the fall in fuel prices and unexpectedly high activity last summer

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