News Daily Spot: Swiss court rejected a request to free Rafael Esquivel, president of the FVF

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Swiss court rejected a request to free Rafael Esquivel, president of the FVF

The Swiss Federal Criminal Court today rejected the request of the president of the Venezuelan Football Association, Rafael Esquivel, to be released because the judges consider that the risk of flight is high.

Esquivel defense had filed this lawsuit claiming health reasons and the advanced age of the sports leader, accused by the US of taking bribes of several million dollars for the rights to broadcast the Copa America.

Esquivel, who is an executive member of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), is being held in Switzerland since late May and approved his extradition to the US on 23 September, which wants to try him as part of a corruption scandal engulfing FIFA.

In total, seven leaders of football in Latin America and North America were arrested in Switzerland, where he had agreed to attend the most recent annual meeting of FIFA.

One of them voluntarily agreed to his extradition to the US, while Switzerland has approved the procedure for three other cases, but still runs the period during which they can appeal this decision.

The decision of the Swiss Ministry of Justice for the remaining three detainees are expected.

The court ruled today that the reasons given by the former head of football in Venezuela "are not sufficient in relation to the risk of leakage" exists.

This given that, despite his advanced age, Esquivel is able to make long journeys.

However, it is recognized that imprisonment is causing him psychological suffering, which is arranged to be carried out additional medical tests to determine their ability to withstand the situation.

The judges said in their verdict that additional security measures such as electronic monitoring devices not sufficiently reduce the risk of escape Esquivel of Switzerland, a country with which it has special links found here beyond the FIFA headquarters .

The detainee lived with his family in Venezuela, a country that according to mentioned members would not approve federal court in no circumstances extradition request from the US authorities.

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