News Daily Spot: US detects a "failed launch" of North Korean missile

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US detects a "failed launch" of North Korean missile

The Pentagon said today have detected the "failed launch" of a ballistic missile by North Korea after a week of tense expectation in the region over the possibility that Pyongyang make a new arms race.

"Systems US Strategic Command detected what they believe was a failed missile launch at 3:33 GMT in the morning of October 15, near the city of Kusong in the Northwest" North Korea says Pentagon a statement sent to Efe.

"We believe it was a ballistic missile Musadan, midrange," the note said, stressing that the launch "did not present a risk for America."

The Pentagon "remains vigilant against North Korean provocations and is fully committed to working closely with its allies in South Korea and Japan to maintain security," the statement said.

The alleged failed launch comes five days after North Korea celebrated the 71st anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party, a date which neighbors feared that Pyongyang exploited for another weapons test.

The international community considers that the North Korean space program involves the use of technology ICBMs, which is a violation of repeated UN sanctions imposed on North Korea for its missile program and nuclear weapons.

However, the hermetic country defends its Kwangmyongsong program ( "Bright Star") only seeks to put in geostationary orbit.

North Korea conducted its latest launch long-range last February, which together with a nuclear test executed in January earned him the package of tougher sanctions approved so far by the UN.

His last underground nuclear detonation last September 9 led to countries like the United States, South Korea and Japan to push for a new resolution of the Security Council of the UN to apply new penalties regime of Kim Jong-un.

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