News Daily Spot: Putin says US than you expect "anything"

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Putin says US than you expect "anything"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that the United States can expect "anything", commenting on Washington's threats to launch a cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential campaign.

"From our American friends and partners can expect anything," said the head of the Kremlin to Russian media in Goa (India), where he participated in the summit of the BRICS group consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Putin was quoted by Russian RIA Novosti news agency said that "there is nothing new about it," adding: "Do we not know that listening and spying on everyone?".

"This is long known, is no secret, testimonies abound, and it spend billions of dollars," he said.

The president said the US spy not only their potential adversaries or those considered as such, but also its closest allies.

"There is nothing new. The only novelty is that it is the first time that the US recognizes it at such a high level and, secondly, utters a threat, which does not correspond to the norms of international relations, "he said.

Putin warned journalists accompanying him on the trip that they can represent interest to "corresponding secret services".

On Friday, the US television network NBC reported, citing sources in the US intelligence services, the CIA has the task of presenting options to the White House for a "clandestine" and wide cyber-range anti-Kremlin operation.

Intelligence former officials also added that the CIA had already gathered documents that could expose the Russian president.

Putin warned that "sacrifice the Russian-American relations in the course of events internal US policy" is "harmful and counterproductive."

"Someone wants confrontation is not our choice. But that means there will be problems, something we do not want. On the contrary, we would like to find points of contact to solve global problems facing Russia, the US and the world, "he said.

Russia denied that attempts to influence the US presidential campaign, he explained something that makes no sense, because it is not known whether the president is elected will fulfill its election promises.

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