News Daily Spot: Trump suggests that Clinton got high in final debate

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Trump suggests that Clinton got high in final debate

The Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump, hinted that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, took drugs before the last debate between the two last week, and asked that they submit both a test before counternarcotics meeting next Wednesday.

"We are like athletes (...) and athletes make them undergo drug control. I think they should give us a drug control before the debate (on Wednesday) because I do not know what happens" to Clinton ".

The Republican candidate, criticized his opponent for not having any campaign event scheduled for this Saturday, to ensure that it is "resting" for discussion although still "remaining five days."

"She called preparation for the debate, although we are through Saturday and Wednesday. She's supposed to have a lot of experience, he knows everything."

The billionaire increased his attacks on Clinton, several Republican leaders and the media after the disclosure eight days of a video of 2005 in which he made sexist and derogatory remarks made, and the subsequent prosecution of several women who claim that Trump molested them years.

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