News Daily Spot: Two women reported that Trump was exceeded with them

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Two women reported that Trump was exceeded with them

Two women reported today in The New York Times that the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, was exceeded with them in the past, one on a plane three decades ago and the last in 2005, in an elevator.


Jessica Leeds, now 74, told the Daily News that three decades ago the businessman sitting in first class with her on a flight to New York, touched her breasts and tried to put his hand under her skirt just a few minutes after takeoff without that they had met before.

"It was like an octopus," said the woman, who ran to sit in the last rows the rest of the flight.

"It was an attack," said Leeds to the newspaper, explaining that the woman reported the incident to staff the plane because "at that time business women often had to endure such behavior of their male counterparts".

The second witness is the young Rachel Crooks and would have happened in the elevator of the Trump Tower in Manhattan in 2005.

Crooks told the newspaper that was presented to magnate to match the elevator and because his company did business with him and Trump's response was to kiss her on the mouth.

"He kissed me directly in the mouth," says the newspaper the woman, who explained that it was not an accident but a violation, according to reports the newspaper.

"It was very inappropriate (...). I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant as to be able to do that, "said Crooks.

After that episode, she returned to her desk and called her sister, Brianne Webb, Ohio, to tell her what had happened.

The second episode would have expired in 2005, the same year that the video has caused an earthquake in the campaign of Republican candidate for the White House to appear pouring platitudes about women was recorded.

According to The New York Times, Trump was informed on Tuesday about this information but reject its veracity.

He also denied that he had ever sexually assaulted a woman in the second presidential debate against Democrat Hillary Clinton in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Just Thursday, fifty victims of sexual assault gathered today outside the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to show their rejection of the Republican candidate Trump for his attitude towards women.

Trump was not in the Trump Tower as the Republican candidate is making a campaign stop in Florida.

In that event, the tycoon referred to the lack of support after discussion of Paul Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives.

The candidate also lambasted the Republican Party, American Justice, "dishonest press" and his Democratic rival.

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