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Trump major donors ask to return the money

At least two donors that have attracted large sums of money to the campaign of Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump, asked that they return the money after the disparaging comments toward women revealed last week, according to EFE .

NBC had access to two e-mails in which two separate donors ask for reimbursement for donations to be offended and disgusted by the recording of 2005 published on Friday that Trump boasts power abusing women for being famous.

"I can not express enough my disappointment at the recent news about Mr. Trump (...) As a father of two daughters who will soon be married, I feel revulsion for comments on women," writes one of the donors who "respectfully" requests be reimbursed for the money.

Another donor said "mortified" to hear comments from Trump, it declares: "I can not support a macho man (...) I hope that I return the donations."

According to NBC, donors have so far contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign Trump, when using their networks known to raise political donations.

One of them says it has raised nearly a million dollars to Trump and Trump has notified the background Victory has no intention to continue to seek donations for the Republican candidate.

One of them says he is ashamed for having asked for money to help Trump to be elected to the White House, especially after the video in which Trump speaks lustfully women, something that was the straw that broke the camel .

The donor has helped the campaign to raise money in key states like Florida or Ohio, as well as on both coasts of the country.

Donald Trump in August raised $ 41 million in August, its best month to date, but political action committees, independent organizations campaigning for the candidate, reiterated that have many difficulties in collecting donations.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, raised in August $ 143 million, while has the support of powerful political action committees progressive. EFE

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