News Daily Spot: Two women accused of inappropriately touching Trump: "like an octopus, his hands everywhere"

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Two women accused of inappropriately touching Trump: "like an octopus, his hands everywhere"

Two women accused Donald Trump of improperly touching them in a story published Wednesday on the website of the New York Times, he claims that his spokesman said they were "fictitious" but that could roil even the presidential campaign of Republican candidate a month after the election.

Roberta Rampton / Reuters

One of the women, Jessica Leeds, appeared on camera to tell how Trump touched her breasts and tried to put his hand under her kick in the first class cabin of a flight to New York in the early 1980s.

The second woman, Rachel Crooks, described as the millionaire "He kissed me directly in the mouth" in 2005 out of an elevator at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, where she worked as a receptionist in a real estate firm.

Reuters could not independently verify the incidents described in the history of the New York Times. The New York Times, Leeds and Crooks did not respond to requests for comment from Reuters immediately.

"This whole article is fiction, and the New York Times launched a murder of completely false image and coordinated against Mr. Trump on an issue like this is dangerous," he said communications adviser Campaign magnate Jason Miller said in a statement .

The report is then known that on Friday a video of 2005 in which Trump boasts that groped women, she kissed without permission and tried to seduce a married woman is reported.

The video hit figures Trump support in the polls, especially among women. It has been criticized by Republican leaders and some have asked to withdraw from the race to the White House.

Trump apologized for his comments, he said were a "conversation costume" private. During the presidential debate on Sunday, he held that it does not really kissed or touched any woman without her permission. That statement led women to make public, he told the New York Times in its report.

"He was like an octopus," Leeds, who is now 74, he said. "His hands were everywhere," he added.

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