News Daily Spot: Cuba insists that doesn't accept US interference

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Cuba insists that doesn't accept US interference

Cuba reiterated that it will not accept interference by the United States in its internal affairs, on completion of the second round of human rights dialogue, in which both sides showed once again their marked differences without achieving visible progress in the debate.

"On our part there is no intention to accept allegations that involve interference in the internal affairs of our state," said the deputy director of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Pedro Luis Pedroso.

Referring to the remarks made by the US government to the communist island, the official insisted that the way the Cuban political system "is not on the discussion table" is organized.

Pedroso said that Cuba expressed concerns about the persistence of patterns of discrimination and racism, police brutality, and documented numerous violations of life, and ruled on the situation of trade union rights in US

The Caribbean country drew attention to "acts of torture in secret prisons" civilian deaths resulting from the use of drones and questioned "especially" the permanence of a US naval base in the Cuban province of Guantanamo "and serious violations committed there. "

"While the exchange found profound differences between the two governments regarding the concepts and the exercise of human rights, Cuba ratified its will that both countries can relate in the recognition and respect for those differences," he said.

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