News Daily Spot: Trump loses the support of Republican leaders and conservatives

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Trump loses the support of Republican leaders and conservatives

The loss of support that has suffered Donald Trump by Republican leaders in recent weeks is even more notable among those who supported conservative leaders in his day comprehensive immigration reform.

The four Republican senators of the famous Group of Eight bipartisan senators who drafted the law on immigration reform in 2013 have strongly criticized Trump and have even come to withdraw their support.

One of them, Senator from South Carolina and aspiring to be the Republican candidate in this race, Lindsey Graham, said he can not "go where he (Trump) is leading the party".

Graham, considered one of the most moderate politicians of his party was in opposition to the immigration plan that Trump officially launched last month in Arizona, which he described as "silly" and "illegal".

In his immigration proposal, Trump proposes the construction of a border wall along the border with Mexico, and the establishment of a force of mass deportation.

"Your proposal has many constitutional flaws, is not practical," he criticized the Republican senator.
Other two members of the Group of Eight Republican senators John McCain of Arizona and Jeff Flake, also decided to give back to Trump at his numerous controversies.

On Saturday, McCain officially announced that Trump withdrew his support after he had issued a recording of 2005, which suggests that the Republican candidate can "touch" inappropriately to women because it is a "star".

With its decision, she joined McCain and Jeff Flake, who through his Twitter account said Republicans "should not agree with Trump threatened to jail his opponent after the elections."

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