News Daily Spot: Obama said that solving this "historic" refugee crisis is "urgent"

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Obama said that solving this "historic" refugee crisis is "urgent"

US President Barack Obama warned Tuesday of "historic proportions" of the current global refugee crisis and resolve it said is "the most urgent task" of the moment.

Obama announced that participating countries at a summit of refugees driven US provide hosting "collectively" this year to a total of more than 360,000 refugees, almost double that in 2015.

In the top 52 countries and organizations, which together have spent about 4,500 million more in 2016 to combat this crisis have "doubled" in 2015, involved the number of refugees who are home and have provided employment in total one million more displaced, according to the White House.

Obama mentioned in his speech, among other cases, the Colombians who fled violence in their country to Ecuador or mothers "separated from their children" to survive in the Greek camps.

He also reminded children fleeing violence in South Sudan or Central America and end up being victims of human traffickers, and to a Burmese young refugee to whom he met in Malaysia, "so precious and talented" as her two daughters.

Obama recalled that his country plans to host this year to a total of 85,000 refugees worldwide, including 10,000 Syrians.

The US president said he was "proud" of new commitments announced today that "save lives", he said, but warned that they are not yet "enough" given the magnitude of the crisis.

Specifically, Obama acknowledged the support to refugees from countries such as Jordan, Mexico and Germany, all participants in today's summit, held at the UN headquarters.

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