News Daily Spot: Kuczynski calls for political dialogue in Venezuela in its premiere at UN

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Kuczynski calls for political dialogue in Venezuela in its premiere at UN

The president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, opened Tuesday at the United Nations highlighting the Government's commitment to democracy and human rights and a call for political dialogue in Venezuela.

"It is imperative to mention our concern about the critical political, economic and social situation in Venezuela," Kuczynski said in his speech to the General Assembly.

Peruvian President argued that the full exercise of democracy in Venezuela "requires absolute respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, due process and guarantee full respect for the separation and balance of powers."

"This situation is in Venezuela affected by extreme violence, social and political confrontation and severe shortages of food and medicine," he recalled.

Kuczynski insisted that to face the crisis need to start "as soon as possible an internal political dialogue without conditions or restrictions, in a framework of full respect for the Constitution."

"Peru is in the best position to make all efforts to help Venezuelans to reach a solution to their serious problems," he said.

Kuczynski made clear his respect for the principle of nonintervention in the internal affairs of States, but said that the rule "can not and should be contrasted with international defense and promotion of democracy and human rights".

Peru Project 

In a considerably shorter than other presidents speech, Kuczynski told the General Assembly that his project for Peru is "a commitment to modernization perfectly compatible with the effort that the United Nations".

"We live in different parts of the world crisis of confidence, serious setbacks in globalization, populist and protectionist temptations and a wave of refugees almost unprecedented," he recalled.

"Our bet is said in South America create a bridge of stability and cooperation between the Pacific and Atlantic conducive to a gradual restoration of peace and prosperity".

In addition, at the national level, others highlighted its objectives and ensure water and sanitation for all Peruvians or promote green growth.

The country, he recalled, is driving these and other policies for membership "in the short term, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development" (OECD) and is committed to cooperate closely with other Latin American countries with which it shares many of the same challenges. EFE

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