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3 technological inventions that give pleasure

Technology has opened for many, a wide range of opportunities not only in communication but in the way he enjoys sex and how sexual pleasure is experienced. To the point that today is an important part of a couple's bedroom.

According to data collected by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, erotic intimacy has been replaced by the new technologies. Devices such as smartphones or tablets are increasingly present in the bedrooms.

Pleasure within reach of a button

1. Digital Condon. Created with researchers at Georgia Tech University in the United States, it is a sex toy that provides small electrical impulses to cause greater pleasure in sex.

2. underwear. This garment allows couples to physically interact remotely. Created by the company Durex, is a "simulator" physical contact using underwear with small vibrators and an app for smartphones for the "remote sex" a reality

3. Klic-klic. Use Bluetooth and Internet technology. Interconnects two prototypes that reproduce the female and male sexual organs to transmit sensory impulses and movements of their respective owners. It also has its own social network, which that can connect and log, are in place they are.

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