News Daily Spot: Pokemon GO eliminates tracking tracks

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Pokemon GO eliminates tracking tracks

The developer of mobile games Niantic updated the application of augmented reality Pokémon GO, introducing several improvements affecting mainly to service stability and other aspects of game mechanics.
One of the main new features in version 1.1.0 is the elimination of the function to locate "pokémons" near in their tracks so that players must get used to find these virtual bugs from other metrics like the distance in meters.The consequence of this development is that, along with a new way to locate "pokémons" applications is reduced to the server and improve, presumably, the stability of the application, one of the common problems since making debut in early July.In addition, there have been some cosmetic changes, such as the ability to edit the avatar coaching profile screen Pokémon GO in order to modify, for example, the costume of the character once created.Another novelty is the improvement of the problems of memory management that could solve some "bugs" detected by users. When accessing "Pokémon GO," the company even introduced tips when playing to avoid, for example, users to play in certain dangerous situations like driving.

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