News Daily Spot: Sportsmen "disappointed" because they can not play Pokémon Go in Rio

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Sportsmen "disappointed" because they can not play Pokémon Go in Rio

Plumbing problems are no longer the only concern to the athletes in Rio de Janeiro, where many of them have discovered upon arrival that for now, it is impossible to play Pokémon Go in Brazil.
In recent days, many of them have shown their disappointment on Twitter, as was the case of the French canoeist Matthieu Péché.An athlete climbed the social network a screenshot of your avatar alone in a desperately empty space, without any creature to catch. "Sorry guys no Pokémon in the Olympic Village," he lamented, expressing disappointment with several teary smileys.Also the British paddler Joe Clarke made the same finding. "No Pokémons at the Olympic venue of Deodoro! Or Brazil? !!?" He asked, accompanying his message with a broken heart and a smiley disappointed.Indeed, the augmented reality game that allows virtual creatures hunt in the real world and make them fight has not yet reached South America.And this lack worry even the highest authorities of Rio On July 13, Mayor Eduardo Paes had called on his Facebook page creator Pokémon. "Hello, Nintendo There are only 23 days to the Olympic Games in Rio! 2016. The whole world will come here. come too. "

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