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Know the attack hackers preparing for the Olympics

Hackers take advantage of the great events to attract new victims and the 2016 Summer Olympics are no exception.
And so you can avoid falling into these traps, we show the main forms of attacks, according to a study by IBM.1) Search Engine Optimization black hat: hackers create websites with ambiguous phrases relating to the Olympic Games. Thus, they are able to easily attract people looking for products and services related to the event. Usually, these fake sites can offer exclusive images of the games to steal the card data or infect them with malware (malicious software) of data theft.2) Scams outlets: mobile devices are now being used to make payments in Brazil and in the world. As this system will be intensive in the Olympic Games, it will become another channel to extract data from credit cards. Staying prevented.3) Mobile Phishing (phishing) also warned to take caution with mobile apps that claim to offer related services Olympics. Once downloaded, these apps send aggressive advertising, redirect users to fake sites. They can also install malware on the device and steal personal data.One should be alert to the possibility of being the victim of a cyber attack. The following is recommended:1) Be careful when using the payment card. Try to use only ATMs in areas with better physical security such as a bank or a hotel lobby.2) Review your credit card statements to detect abnormal activities, but do not just high-priced purchases. Many criminals first attempt with very low amounts to verify the accuracy of the stolen data purchase, and the card to work.3) Use only wifi in the own mobile devices or other devices that can be connected and uses a virtual private network (VPN) whenever possible.

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