News Daily Spot: Mark Zuckerberg revealed what has been the worst time of Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg revealed what has been the worst time of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg showed a more vulnerable when talking about some of the saddest moments in the early days of Facebook and some of their mistakes facet.

"For me one of the most difficult parts was when Yahoo offered to buy the company for a lot of money," says Zuckerberg. "That was the turning point in the company."

That was in 2006. Facebook was about two years old and 10 million users. Yahoo wanted to buy the company for 1,000 million dollars.

Although many people believe that Facebook should accept the offer, Zuckerberg said he and Dustin Moskovitz, the other founder, decided to finally pursue business growth on its own terms.

"The part that hurt was not reject the offer," he said. "It was after that, many of the employees resigned because they believed in what we were doing."

The entire management team Facebook was gone a year later and Zuckerberg is blamed for the exodus.

"I think what caused this great tension was not communicated very well what we were trying to do," he said. "Many of the people who joined at first ... they were not really agree with me ... [For them] to sell [an emerging company] by 1,000 million after a couple of years was a great success ...".

During the video interview, which lasts 25 minutes, Altman also urged Zuckerberg to explain how Facebook decides which products to test and develop.

Facebook CEO stressed that use a combination of scientific method (test different hypotheses) with comments from users and data analysis, but added that is not always enough. Proof of this is the acquisition of Oculus 2,000 million in 2014.

"Today I think ... if we had done a better job developing the ability to do some of those things internally, we might not have had to do it," Zuckerberg said. "We bought equipment Oculus much money ... your job as CEO is not to be in a situation where you have to do these crazy things."
However, he acknowledged that over time have to do this kind of bets.

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