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Intel educate users about dangers Latin Cloud

The regional director of sales technology multinational Intel Security, Marcela Lugo, said Thursday that the company aims to educate consumers in Latin America to know the capacity of the cloud, as well as the risks involved in using it.

"The individual we have to also educate for the protection of proprietary information, we must work in explaining how you can really protect your information," Lugo said.

According to Intel Security, a decade ago they were treated 50 new threats every day, today more than half a million, "almost 600,000 daily threats".

Introduce as may be breached and how it can protect users' information is one of the purposes that the company is starting to work to help their clients.

The company specializes in computer security is aware of the increased use of the cloud in the last five years by consumers and business users.

"In today's market many data centers are being created in the cloud that already have certain levels of security," said vice president and general manager of Intel Security for Latin America, Fernando Quintero.

In Colombia cybercrime has become a very lucrative method, there are many advances in this area, however increased access and development, the greater the threat, the company said.

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