News Daily Spot: Malware that tries to trick Mac users

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Malware that tries to trick Mac users

Because the market share of computers of Microsoft, there are thousands of viruses designed to harm Windows users to take a series of economic profits or directly to annoy.

Therefore, see a virus on computers Mac is not very common, but there are, and therefore also have to take a number of precautions.

The latest virus to reach Mac apparently does not steal data or puts us in a difficult situation asking a ransom, but it corrupts the computer inundating advertising.

It is a malware that is hidden within the application launcher and diverted to a web page full of infected programs.

Generally, when you want to run an unknown file and you do not have a program to open a pop-up window you invite access the App Store to download the application appears consistent. And therein lies the infection.

Malware camouflages within that application launcher, making out the pop-up screen with a button that does not lead to the App Store, but to an external website where downloading the file indicated, we infected.

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