News Daily Spot: Facebook Live will launch new role.

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Facebook Live will launch new role.

The social networking giant will launch  a function that lets you use two cameras to a single cell transmission Facebook Live, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed to CNET in Spanish, specializing in technology portal.

"In June, we announced that soon would allow people who use Facebook Live invite another person on Facebook to join your live video broadcasting together and sharing the screen. We believe this will be the most fun and interactive broadcasts and open new Live possibilities, "he added.

Initially, the feature will not be available for 1.700 million users of the company, but for celebrities or public figures and verified using the app mentions (mentions, in Spanish), Facebook said.

A non-famous (like us) will arrive this fall, reported by The Next Web. If you live in the US, you can start your short film, TV series or news in September, while the rest of the world will have to wait until the end of the year.

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