News Daily Spot: Nintendo is asked to enable Pokémon free zones

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Nintendo is asked to enable Pokémon free zones

Pokémons Free Zone is a portal that gathers requests veto against Pokémon Go addressed to the president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishina. People from various countries around the world ask Pokémons free zones are enabled.

Wonders of the World and resorts are some of the areas which calls are free of Pokémon Go. the Taj Mahal in India, Petra in Jordan and the Iguazu Falls are some of these areas, according to the Argentine newspaper "La Nacion".

Applications to Kimishina also include properties declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, hospitals, schools, temples and security facilities.

The reason is the danger of Pokémon Go players on sites such as nuclear facilities, cemeteries, nursing homes or ramps to the emergency room of a hospital, he added, "The Nation."

Pokémons Free Zone explains in his platform that he is aware that many play Pokémon Go properly, but "we also know that all of them, the more mature players and less, play a game that was designed to be played in a certain way ".

The aim of the veto to protect spaces Pokémon Go is considered 'sacred' and useful sites for humanity such as hospitals, schools or safety.

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