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Developed life-saving robot

In the South Korean city of Daejeon, mega technological the Silicon Valley of China, a group of scientists developed the humanoid There was, according touting a robot that will save lives in the coming years.

There was, the first version 'born' Twelve years ago, won in 2015 the first prize of robotics granted by the United States Department of Defense in a competition involving Japanese, Italian robots and even one American developed by the Space Agency ( POT).

In this test elite robots had to carry it out tasks autonomously (ie, without remote control) as "driving a car, open a locked door or overcome other obstacles typical of a disaster situation," he said in an interview the 'father' of there, the investigator Oh Joon-ho, 62.

This robot developed in a messy laboratory aspect of mechanical workshop on Advanced Science and Technology Korea Institute (KAIST, according to its acronym in English) is a bundle of sensors, cables and metal pieces that stands out against other androids for its agility and sense of balance.

There was, which have sold 23 units although it is still under development, can hold a load of up to 20 kilograms, the fourth of its weight, and take autonomously some decisions, for example, determine whether to set aside a obstacle or step over it.

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