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When trolls impose their law on Twitter

The avalanche of insults or threats poured in social networks drives more and more stars or journalists to close their accounts Twitter or Instagram, which is accused of "facilitating hatred" for his passivity in this phenomenon.

The last of them, Justin Bieber, global star with 78 million followers on Instagram, left the network after insults against his new girlfriend.

More serious it is that the "trolls" as they call these insulters protected by anonymity, poured torrents publicly without taboos of racist, sexist or homophobic offenses, through threats of rape or death.

This phenomenon becomes more visible when the star decides to slam the door and close your account.

One is Leslie Jones, the only black star of the latest "Ghostbusters", which closed in July his Twitter account, tired of receiving racist and misogynist messages.

"Twitter, I understand freedom of expression, but rules are necessary when these things expand," Jones lamented, and said she has seen a "personal hell".

This time his call was heard and the president of Twitter made contact with her and some of her stalkers were suspended. But this type of reaction rarely occurs.

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