News Daily Spot: Trump accuses Clinton of being a "bad extension" of Obama

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Trump accuses Clinton of being a "bad extension" of Obama

The Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump, Wednesday accused Hillary Clinton of being an "extension" to its "bad" judgment, Barack Obama and expressed hope that Russia is "amicably" the
US side in the fight against the Islamic State (EI).A Trump would very much like a woman reaches the US presidency, but felt that if Clinton is the next tenant of the White House the situation of women in the country worse.The Republican candidate vowed to "for the sake" of US Hillary Clinton does not reach the White House and predicted that if despite all, is president "will be worse" than Obama.However, he said "nothing to do" with Russian President Vladimir Putin and described as "fraud" versions about who is your friend and admired.However, he said that if he reaches the White House will be "much better" for Russian-US relations, Clinton, which, he said, "Putin does not respect".Trump asked journalists to ask why the former Secretary of State has not given a press conference in 235 days.He said that he offered today at Doral is due to its interest in repudiating the "horrible" attack EI in a Catholic Church in France.The Republican candidate called a liar Clinton and said that if she is the winner of the November elections, will sign trade agreements that will create a "disaster in employment" in the country, as did her husband, Bill Clinton, when as president of EE .S. He signed the Free Trade Agreement of North America (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico.

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