News Daily Spot: Austria France extradites alleged accomplices of terrorist attacks in Paris

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Austria France extradites alleged accomplices of terrorist attacks in Paris

Austrian Justice has decided today to deliver to France two cases of jihadists suspected were part of the terrorist network Daésh (Islamic State) that carried out the attack in Paris in November, public radio ORF reported Thursday.
The Algerian Adel H, 29, and U Pakistani Mohammad, 35, were arrested last December in a take refuge center located in the Austrian city of Salzburg.Both arrived in October from Turkey to the Greek island of Leros in the same boat in which were two of the perpetrators of the suicide bombings in Paris in which over 130 people died, the newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten.Adel Mohammad H. U. and were detained for three weeks by the Greek police suspicions raised their false Syrian passport.After they were released, subject to deportation proceedings that forced them to leave Greece within 30 days, they arrived in Austria when the bombing of Paris and had been committed.In December both were arrested by police in a refugee center in Salzburg for carrying false documents to collate data and fingerprints of both with those collected by the Greek security forces.French Justice asked Austria delivery by the strong suspicion that both were part of the terrorist cell that planned the attacks.Austria has already decided in early July extradition, but the appeal filed by one of them delayed the final decision until today, with a ruling of the Appeal Court of Linz.

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