News Daily Spot: Murderer priest in France was obsessed with Syria

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Murderer priest in France was obsessed with Syria

Kermiche Adel, one of the jihadists beheaded on Tuesday a priest in a church in France, was a French 19 year old with behavioral disorders and obsessed with Syria.

His family, of Algerian origin, had signaled their radicalization and was worried about the way he was taking this young, according to a Muslim representative of the city.

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, he was followed by a psychologist from six years and as a teenager was hospitalized several times, including 15 days in a psychiatric unit.

Described as a "hyperactive child" was excluded from school at 12 years for "behavioral problems." Kermiche was a real "time bomb", according to the testimony of a young man in his neighborhood.

"He spoke about Islam, said he would do things like this (...) But not believe him, saying many things," said another teenager in his neighborhood.

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