News Daily Spot: Tim Kaine accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President

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Tim Kaine accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President

Senator Tim Kaine accepted at the Democratic National Convention being held these days in Philadelphia to be the nominee of his party to be the next vice president of the United States.
"For all those who know that the brightest future for our country is that we build together, and my friend Hillary Clinton, humbly accept the nomination of my party for Vice President of the United States," said Senator to the audience.The now official running mate of former Secretary of State confessed not have expected "never" be today committing to such a charge, but said Clinton and he have, above all, one thing in common, try to make "all possible good ".Kaine, who was supported by the delegates of the conclave by acclamation, Virginia's legislature since 2012, but has a long career, first at the local level, and then as lieutenant governor and governor of his state.Member of the Committee on Foreign Relations and Armed Services, and fluent Spanish, the current president Barack Obama already considered in 2008 among his possible vice presidential peers, but finally opted for the then Senator Joe Biden also.

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