News Daily Spot: Obama asks the country to carry Hillary Clinton to victory

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Obama asks the country to carry Hillary Clinton to victory

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday made an ardent defense of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton to the White House, saying it is ready to be Commander in Chief and that the moment calls for his victory.
"Let's take Hillary Clinton to victory this year, because it is what the moment calls" Obama said at the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, shortly before joining onstage presidential candidate own to greet delegates.In a strongly worded speech of about 45 minutes, Obama drew a picture almost intimate personality Clinton, whom he defeated in the 2008 Democratic Internal although subsequently appointed Secretary of State.The experience of working with it for so long, Obama said, convinced him that "there has never been a man or more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as US President woman."The president said to a rapt audience that "anything you really prepared for the demands of the Oval Office. Until you sit at that table, do not know how it is managing a global crisis, sending people to war. But Hillary has already been in that lounge; it has been part of the decisions. "Never give upEven in times of increased pressure, he added, "she listens to people, remains calm and treats everyone with respect. And no matter how tough the challenges, no matter the effort that someone makes to demolish it, she never, never give up".Obama also reserved praise for the running mate of Clinton, Senator Tim Kaine, whom he described as "a good man" who "will make Hillary a better president, and my friend and brother Joe Biden made me a better president" .Clinton said Obama received much criticism in his life. "He knows he has been under the microscope for 40 years. He knows he has made mistakes, as I have committed and as we have committed all. This is what happens when one tries to do things."For all that, he called on Americans to "reject the cynicism, reject fear, and use what is best in us" and "choose Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, and show the world who still believe in this great nation".

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