News Daily Spot: The number of policemen killed in shootings rise to 31 during 2016 in the US

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The number of policemen killed in shootings rise to 31 during 2016 in the US

Three policemen have been shot dead and between four and seven injured in an armed incident in the city of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, bringing to 31 the number of policemen killed in shootouts this year.

In this same town police shot last July 6 to African American citizen Alton Sterling, when two policemen identified by matching his description with that of a suspect accused of threatening with a gun several passersby.

Protests over the death of Sterling and the other African American, Philando Castile, shot dead by police on July 7 in Falcon Heights (Minnesota) led to the holding of demonstrations and acts of rejection in several ciudadades the country.

In one of them, held in the Texan city of Dallas the day of the death of Castile, African American Micah Johnson, a veteran of the Afghan war, shot with techniques sniper against a group of policemen and killed five white officers. It was the most serious incident of this type registered during 2016.

In all, deaths and counting today, 31 policemen have fallen victims of shootings in the United States this year, according to the Web site Officer Down Memorial Page, which collects the names of the police officers killed in the line of duty.

Prior to today 11 July last three people were killed in a shootout in a court of Saint Joseph (Michigan), two of whom were police court and a third gunman.

In addition to the three deaths today rises to 7 the number of deaths during the month of July, two less than the deadly statistics of February, during which nine officers were killed.

For states the list is headed by Texas with 7 and Louisiana and Ohio, where 3 policemen have been killed this year. EFE

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