News Daily Spot: Taxi driver approaches the Pokémon craze GO and offers races for "hunters"

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Taxi driver approaches the Pokémon craze GO and offers races for "hunters"

Emilio Cacho, a taxi driver from the Mexican state of Veracruz, decided to take advantage of the enthusiasm that has attracted millions of users in various parts of the world revolutionary Pokemon GO application and began offering tours to "hunt" Pokemon.

By Lizbeth Diaz / Reuters

In the five days Cacho, 29, has offered its services through the social network Facebook to bring the "hunters" through the streets of the city of Minatitlan has received 20 calls from young people between 13 and 25 years .

Your customers ask to go very slow as they seek, through your cell phone, the many creatures who "live" in virtual reality.

"I did not know the game but heard much talk that people went to look Pokemons, then thought it was a good idea to make money, now that the economic situation in Veracruz is so difficult," he said in a telephone interview with Reuters.

The game allows users to walk through real neighborhoods while looking virtual characters of Pokemon through the screens of their smartphones, an experience that has attracted rave reviews but also negative reviews.

Currently Cacho leads only to customers on tours of the oil area of ​​Minatitlan, located in the Gulf of Mexico coasts, but does not rule go further.

The first time finding pokemons costs 130 pesos (7.04 dollars), the following are of 100 pesos each. The average trip is two hours, said the taxi driver.

"I do not play, nor know how to play, but I already got the application to help my clients," he added.

Pokemon  GO was launched last week in New Zealand and Australia. Mexico will have to wait to legally have the application, although Pokemon fans have used technology tricks to download.

In less than a week after its US launch, the application created by the developer of mobile games Niantic for Japanese Nintendo Co Ltd, has achieved more than seven million players.

In just two days after the release of Pokemon GO, Nintendo increased by 7,500 billion market capitalization because investors hailed the successful first foray into mobile gaming.

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