News Daily Spot: Clinton calls for unity against violence after the murder of three policemen

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Clinton calls for unity against violence after the murder of three policemen

The Democratic candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton, today called for unity of Americans "to reject violence" following the killing of three policemen by an ex-marine in Baton Rouge (Louisiana).

"We should not give back to each other. We can not be indifferent among us. We should all be united to reject violence and strengthen our communities, "said former Secretary of State in a statement.

Democratic presidential candidate, who must be proclaimed candidate at the party convention later this month, described as "devastating" attack, in which besides the three policemen killed, three other officers were seriously injured.

There is no justification for violence, for hatred, for attacks on men and women who risk their lives every day in service to our families and communities, added the former Secretary of State.

Clinton said today's attack, committed by the ex-marine Kansas City (Missouri) Gavin Eugene Long, identified by the media as a black man who today turned 29 and who was killed in the exchange of fire with police, was "an attack against all."

The candidate for the White House sent his condolences and prayers to the families of the victims.

Earlier, President Barack Obama had also called on all Americans to "focus on being united" and "temper the words" regardless of political ideology after the murder of police officers in Baton Rouge.

"It is very important that, regardless of political party, race or profession (...) everyone is now focused on words and actions that can unite us as a country rather than those that divide us more," said the president from the White House on the eve of that in the next two weeks the conventions of both parties, which "tend to warm the political rhetoric" are held, he said.

This is the second shooting at police after the July 7 another former soldier killed five agents in Dallas, amid a strong racial tension and protests in the country because of the most recent cases of police violence, one of the which took place precisely in Baton Rouge.

In a reaction to the killing in Baton Rouge, the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, had also reported on his Facebook page a lack of leadership in the US and he wondered "how many people and law enforcers must die" in the country due to the lack of leadership. EFE

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