News Daily Spot: California (USA) breaks record in electricity generation from solar energy

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California (USA) breaks record in electricity generation from solar energy

California has reached a new record of power generation from solar energy, thanks to the heat wave this week. The San Francisco Gate estimated on Tuesday, solar power plants briefly state generated enough electricity to more than 6 million households.

By Lorena Chow for Eco Watch.

According to figures from California's Independent Solar Corporation Operators (ISO), which operates most of the state network, a whopping 8,030 megawatts were generated on a large scale from solar energy at 1:06 pm 12 July, almost double the amount of solar energy produced in mid-2014 and about 2,000 megawatts more than in May 2015.

"This record of solar output shows that California is taking significant steps forward in connecting resources low carbon to the network, in compliance with the state's goal of reaching 33 percent renewable energy by 2020 "said ISO President and CEO Steve Berberich. "California continues the way in adding to the system clean is Macando resources and guidelines for the operation of a network of low carbon".

The ISO noted that the peak electricity demand on Tuesday at 5:54 pm, almost 29 percent of electricity needs were met with a broad portfolio of state renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal , biofuels, small hydro and energy storage.

Renewable energy has incredible potential for the state as evidenced on 14 and 15 May, when renewable energy supplemented by 54 percent and 56 percent of demand, respectively.

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