News Daily Spot: Police defends use of a robot to kill the sniper Dallas

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Police defends use of a robot to kill the sniper Dallas

The chief of police of Dallas (USA), David Brown on Monday defended the use of a robot with explosives to kill the sniper holed up on Thursday killed five agents.

"It was not an ethical dilemma for me. I would do it again" if the situation were to arise, Brown told a news conference.

He also reported that the number of injured is 9. Initially had been announced as of 7. Two civilians were also wounded.

Micah Johnson, a black 25 who had no police record, was an Army reservist who was mobilized in Afghanistan between November 2013 and July 2014.

During the negotiation with the agents who encircled, he explained that he had wanted to avenge the death in week two black men, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota, killing white cops.

"I would have used all means to save the lives of our police. I'm not ashamed to say," Brown said. The robot, with a cost of $ 150,000, was damaged, but it still works, he added.

Researchers have yet to analyze hundreds of hours of footage shot by the cameras of the police, the vehicles and shops, to try to reconstruct the events.

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