News Daily Spot: Sony is committed to developing robots "capable of reaching the hearts"

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Sony is committed to developing robots "capable of reaching the hearts"

The Japanese technology giant Sony announced today that working on the development of a domestic robot "able to reach the hearts of people" and plans to market soon, within its new business strategy.

Sony will thus market automatons with artificial intelligence and intended home, a field in which pioneered the marketing robot dog AIBO in 1999, and whose production stopped in 2006.

"We want to produce robots that are able to win the affection of the people and reach your heart," he said today the company's president, Kazuo Hirai, during a press conference in which he presented the strategy of the company with the horizon 2017.

The aim is to "introduce a new business model that offers new experiences for users," and for that Sony will combine the strengths of their areas of audiovisual technology and home entertainment with the latest advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, said Hirai.

In this context, Sony acquired last month from the US Cogitai emerging company specializing in the development of learning programs and events prediction systems artificial intelligence (AI).

The president of the company said that for the moment there is no fixed release date for the new domestic robot, with which Sony would follow other Japanese companies as the colossus of Softbank Telecom, which launched the android Pepper in June 2015.

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