News Daily Spot: Australia's conservative coalition governs with absolute majority

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Australia's conservative coalition governs with absolute majority

The Liberal-National coalition Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, today won the seats in the lower house needed to reach the absolute majority to govern the next three years alone.

"The Coalition has won the seats of Flynn and Capricornia, which obtained 76 seats (in a Congress of 150) needed to govern," the television channel ABC.

The Australians went to the polls to renew the Parliament on July 2 had passed without clear winner in the polls of voting intentions.

The opposition Labor Party, led by Bill Shorten, granted yesterday, Sunday, defeat, to get only 66 deputies, and congratulated by phone the prime minister.

"It is clear that Turnbull and his coalition will form government. I talked to him to congratulate him and wish him well," Shorten said in a press conference from Melbourne.

On Sunday, the conservative coalition had secured only 74 MPs, but since no change ahead "large-scale" in the new government.

The replacements will be required of those Cabinet members who lost his seat, as Minister for Cities, Jamie Briggs.

It is anticipated that the prime minister confronts the new legislature with a hostile Senate chamber that has broken xenophobic One Nation Party (One Nation) and will present the independent Nick Xenophon and protectionist ideas.

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