News Daily Spot: Gunman frees hostages on April 2 local fast food in the US

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Gunman frees hostages on April 2 local fast food in the US

A gunman released today two of the four people who had hostage in a Burger King in Baltimore (USA), but still continues to hold two others, including a 7 year old girl, authorities said.

The suspect broke into the restaurant after a chase with police, where he retained four customers, two of which released during the negotiation process with the authorities surrounding the facility.

The officers tried to arrest the suspect, who was allegedly linked to a recent violation and on which rested an arrest warrant when the individual sped off in a car.

The man, whose identity is still unknown, crashed into another vehicle at an intersection and ran into a Burger King, where he is holed up with hostages.

According to local media, the security forces have deployed tactical units around the building, weapons in hand, have urged citizens to stay away from the area and helicopters are flying over the area.

"Our goal is to end this situation in a peaceful manner for all parties," said the spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department, T. J. Smith.

"We have our negotiators at the scene. Also our special forces team. We have cordoned off the area for security reasons, "added the spokesman. EFE

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