News Daily Spot: Formally identified 35 of the 84 dead from the attack of Nice

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Formally identified 35 of the 84 dead from the attack of Nice

A total of 35 of the 84 killed in the bombing of Nice last Thursday have been identified so far by the commission of experts established by justice, today announced the Paris prosecutor's office. EFE

All bodies have been subjected to scanners, external examinations and other tests, while 13 of them, the causes of death appeared complex, have undergone or are going to practice autopsies, said the Paris prosecutor's office, the only with competence on terrorism, said in a statement.

The formal identification process step is the prize burial permit restitution representing the families, said the prosecutor, who has not given information on the nationality of the victims.

The identification protocol following the commission of specialists (who include physicians, clinical biologists, fingerprinting and dental experts, and representatives of the judicial authority) is based on elements 'ante mortem' and 'post mortem'.

The former include previous medical reports to death, dental records, the eventual sampling DNA from relatives or information about the clothes they wore.

The latter refers to the physical characteristics identified in the bodies, fingerprints, information denture or DNA.

On the other hand, the prosecution noted that among the 49 injured were in critical condition today, of which 29 resuscitation. For 18 of the latter still he feared for his life. In addition, there are another 207 injured in serious situation.

French Health Minister Marisol Touraine, said that 85 of the wounded in the attack remain hospitalized and one is unidentified.

Touraine also pointed out that of the 18 wounded fighting for his life, one is a child.

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