News Daily Spot: Upgrade to seven the number of detainees for the bombing of Nice

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Upgrade to seven the number of detainees for the bombing of Nice

French police today arrested a new suspect of being linked to the attack last Thursday in Nice, in which 84 people died, so that brings to seven the number arrested.

Judicial sources quoted by several media reported that the latter arrested a man of 37 years close to the perpetrator of the attack environment, Tunisian Mohamed Bouhlel, who hit a truck at the crowd that had gathered along the Paseo de los English Nice to watch the fireworks with the French National Day was celebrated.

This morning was arrested a couple of Albanians suspected that supplied the gun caliber 7.65 Bouhlel used to attack the police who tried to stop him during his deadly journey through the Promenade des Anglais and ended up killing shots.

But the data that have been leaked suggest that the Albanians did not give directly the weapon, but there was an intermediary who is another of the detainees, a man of Nice.

That man is also the one who received a message from mobile Boulhel fifteen minutes before breaking with the truck on the Promenade des Anglais, although it was closed to traffic and there were congregated 30,000 people attending the fireworks.

In the SMS he said "brings more weapons, bring 5 to C". One element that contributes to seat the idea that the author of the massacre -reivindicada by the Islamic Jihad group State (EI) - had accomplices, at least for the logistics of the action, but will have to see if they were aware of their plans .

Both the gun and the phone that sent that message were found in the truck cab in which Bouhlel was killed.

This morning was released without charge the woman terrorist, with whom he had three children, which took about two separate years after having denounced violent behavior. EFE

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