News Daily Spot: Trump intends to "suspend immigration" countries with a history of terrorism

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Trump intends to "suspend immigration" countries with a history of terrorism

The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, proposed suspending the entry of immigration from related countries, according to him, with terrorist threats against the United States or its allies on Monday.

"Suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism," Trump said in a speech in Manchester (New Hampshire state) speech.

The magnate addressed this issue in commenting on the killing last weekend in a night gay club in Orlando (Florida), allegedly perpetrated by an American of Afghan origin who sympathized with the Islamic jihadist group State (EI) and ended the 49 persons life.

The billionaire, who observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims and described the killing as "a very dark moment in history," US, stressed that the law gives powers to apply that measure.

"The US immigration laws give the president powers to suspend the entry into the country of any type of person," said New York businessman, to advocate for immigration laws that "promote American values."

Trump said that the alleged perpetrator of the attack in Orlando could commit the crime because "his family was allowed to come" to the United States from Afghanistan, and stressed that the alleged murderer's father supported the radical movement of the Afghan Taliban.

According to the Republican candidate, the prohibition only be lifted when the American country to scrutinize "perfectly" whom access to the United States.

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