News Daily Spot: Trump prohibits The Washington Post access to his campaign events

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Trump prohibits The Washington Post access to his campaign events

The virtual Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump announced Monday that prohibit cover their campaign events journalists from The Washington Post after the newspaper reported a few comments magnate on President Barack Obama and the killing of Orlando (Florida, USA).

The New York newspaper magnate decided to revoke the credentials of "false and dishonest" The Washington Post based on the "incredibly inaccurate coverage" of the newspaper, he wrote in his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The decision to Trump comes after the newspaper published an article about some comments magnate criticizing Obama's response to the killing of this weekend in a nightclub frequented by homosexuals in Orlando, where 50 people died, including the perpetrator.

"Donald Trump suggested that President Obama was involved in the shooting of Orlando," she headlined the newspaper, which continued throughout the day items digital cover.
"We're guided by a man who either is not hard, or unintelligent, or have something else in mind," Trump said in an interview today with the Fox News Channel and whose comments got The Washington Post.

"There's something else on your mind, people can not believe that President Obama is acting the way it works and that it can not even say the words 'radical Islamic terrorism'. Something happens. It's unconscionable. Something is happening" said the tycoon as recorded by the Post.

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