News Daily Spot: There are several Latinos among the victims of the slaughter of Orlando

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There are several Latinos among the victims of the slaughter of Orlando

Behind the cold figures of a tragedy that occurred Sunday at a nightclub for the gay community in Orlando (Florida, USA), the stories of some faces that have lost their lives, leaving shattered family and friends hide.

Simon Adrian Fernandez Carrillo

Simon Carrillo Adrian Fernandez (31), a Venezuelan national, it was one of 50 people killed in the slaughter of Orlando.

Edward Sotomayor

At 34, Edward Sotomayor worked as National Brand Manager in ALandCHUCK travel, US travel agency specialized in organizing breaks and events related to the LGBT community in the US.

Stanley Almódovar III

At 23, Stanley Almódovar worked as a pharmacy technician, according to the information from your Facebook profile.

 His wall in the social network has been filled in the last hours of messages of condolences and remember the young man. "I will never forget and we know you will always be watching from the sky," he has written one of his virtual friends.

Juan Ramon Guerrero

I was 22 and had just a few months his family had revealed their sexual orientation, according to the testimony of one of his cousins ​​picked up by the Associated Press.

Juan Ramón worked as a telemarketer and in recent months had begun to study at the University of Central Florida, which along with a recent romantic relationship made him happy.

"It was like a big brother to me and it was not the kind of person who is always holiday, on the contrary, used to be at home taking care of his nephews," said his cousin Robert.

Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera

It was affectionately called 'Shaki' and carried a year married to her husband, considering the testimony of his cousin, Orlando Gonzalez.

Eric Ivan was 36 years old, was a "very artistic" person and passionate about interior design.

Dancing was another of his hobbies and he used to go to clubs like Press to unleash their passion. Last Saturday he was inside the room where the attack took place.

Luis S. Vielma

I was 22 and worked as a production assistant on Disaster studies. Your Facebook profile can intuit a loving and fun person. "The best I've ever known," he told his friend Will Randle Miami Herald newspaper.

Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz

Originrio Benoni, South Africa, Peter Ommy currently working for UPS. He was 22 and had studied at the Institute of Cologne.

Omar Luis Ocasio-Capo

With just 20, Omar Luis Ocasio-Capo was a dancer. One of his teachers, contacted by The Daily Beast, has said that he was "like a ray of sunshine every day."

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice

At 30, Eddie was a young lover of gastronomy who enjoyed making people around him laugh. His mother, Mina, has told the media the last agonizing minutes happened the young man locked in one of the bathrooms Press Club while the murderer fired abroad.

"He's coming here. I'm going to die," he wrote shortly before the woman lost contact. After hours of tense waiting, Mina authorities confirmed the worst news: her son was one of the victims.

Anthony Luis Laureanodisla

Anthony Luis, 25, studied Elementary Education at the University of the Sacred Heart. Originally from San Juan (Puerto Rico), currently living in Orlando.

Amanda Marisol Flores Alvear and Mercedez

Amanda (25) and Mercedes (26) were two friends who came together to party in the Press. The latest news that took Brian Alvear, brother of the first, is that about Amanda had locked himself in one of the bathrooms with other local hostages to try to escape the gunfire.

Amanda was broadcasting a video through your Snapchat account when the shooting began. The video ends with the young focusing herself as multiple shots are heard.

Hours later, authorities have included their names on the official list of victims of the shooting.

Kimberly Morris

Morris (37) had moved a few months ago to Orlando, where he worked in the security team Press. His friends describe him as a polite and sweet person. One of them, Navell Benning, told the Orlando Sentinel that still can not believe what happened, "I can not imagine a time not see a smile on his face."

Evan Shane Tomlinson (33)

Evan Shane Tomlinson was a singer in the group Frequency Saturday. He noted for his charisma and energy on stage, where versioned hit songs of the 70s at weddings and nightclubs Tampa and Orlando. Many of their performances can be seen on Youtube.

As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, Evan Tomlinson lived in Orlando, where he had moved after finishing his degree in Communications at the University East Carolina.

These are other names of the victims of this terrible tragedy:

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez (35)

Darryl Roman Burt II (29)

Deidra Deonka Drayton (32)

Alejandro Barrios Martinez (21)

Franky Jimmy Dejesús Velázquez (50)

Torres Benitez Martin (33)

Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon (37)

Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado (35)

Ramon Menendez Gilberto Silva (25)

Oscar A. Aracena-Montero (26)

Enrique L. Rios, Jr. (25)

Miguel Angel Honorato (30)

Javier Jorge-Reyes (40)

Joel Rayon Paniagua (32)

Jason Benjamin Josaphat (19)

Cory James Connell (21)

John P. Rivera Velázquez (37)

Luis Daniel Conde (39)

Juan Chevez-Martinez (25)

Jerald Arthur Wright (31)

Leroy Valentin Fernandez (25)

Tevin Eugene Crosby (25)

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