News Daily Spot: Today UK vote to stay or leave the EU

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Today UK vote to stay or leave the EU

Polling stations in the UK opened its doors today at 6:00 GMT for the vote referendum on remaining in the European Union (EU), in which the British will decide whether to stay or leave the bloc.


A record 46.5 million voters are called to the polls, which will be open until 21.00 GMT, on a very rainy day, to answer the question: "Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? "

The two possible answers, which are to be marked with an X, are "remain a member of the European Union" or "out of the European Union".

It is expected that the results are known early on Friday, and no planned exit polls surveys.

They can vote in the plebiscite British citizens and Irish over 18 residing in the UK and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations (Commonwealth) with permanent residence in the country and the British who have lived abroad less 15 years.

high participation in the consultation, which was convened by the Prime Minister, Conservative David Cameron, following negotiations with Brussels one new lace the UK in the EU, which will allow the country to restrict welfare benefits to community immigrants and exempted expected of greater European integration.

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