News Daily Spot: A hurt Obama consoles victims of Orlando and urges arms control

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A hurt Obama consoles victims of Orlando and urges arms control

The US president, Barack Obama, met with survivors and relatives of victims of the shooting Sunday in Orlando (Florida) to bring some comfort to his "indescribable" pain, and urged Congress to act to ward off weapons assault of terrorists in the country.

"Four days ago, this community was shaken by an evil and hateful act. Today, we remember what is good. What about compassion, empathy and decency, and above all there is love. That's the Orlando we've seen in recent days, "the president told reporters.

The president met in small groups with relatives of the 49 victims of the shooting death and some of the survivors of the tragedy, which affected mostly Hispanic and gay community of central Florida city.

Gun Control

Obama has been forced on several occasions during his presidency traveling to locations affected by a mass shooting, and said that the greatest frustration of his two terms has been the inability to push through Congress a reform for greater control Firearms.

The president praised the Senate Republican leaders commit to vote on two Democratic proposals to "prevent individuals with possible terrorist ties can buy weapons, including assault weapons".

"I truly hope that senators are up to the moment and do the right thing. I hope the senators who voted 'no' to security checks (a gun buyers) after Newtown change their minds," he said in reference to the shooting 2012 that left 20 dead children at a school in Connecticut.

"If we do not, we will continue seeing more massacres how are you, we will be choosing allowed to occur. Have we said that we do not care enough to do something about it," Obama said.


The president also urged to "end discrimination and violence against LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) affected by the slaughter.

For many gays and many people "whose family was originally from Puerto Rico," Orlando nightclub Press was a place of "refuge" said Obama, who urged them to "reflect on how we treat each other."

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