News Daily Spot: Democrats lead protest to advocate for gun control

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Democrats lead protest to advocate for gun control

Democrats and Republicans lived a tense moment early Thursday as they followed the debates in the lower house by different laws that do not include the treatment of increased gun control.

By midday Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers took full protesting the lack of commitment by Republicans to propose legislative reforms to strengthen background checks and purchase of assault weapons is limited.


Congressman John Lewis led this symbolic occupation and gave a speech in which he said that "Americans want us to do something to curb the problem of gun violence. We can not wait any longer."

"We have been deaf to the deaths and the blood shed innocents in our country," Lewis, a historic US Congress and one of the leaders of the protests for civil rights of the black comunity in the sixties said.

"There comes a time to do something and ride some noise. This is the time," Lewis harangued.

Congressmen refused to leave the center of the House and disrupted the traditional noon prayer, which replaced instead by a prayer for the victims of gun violence.

Before the call by some congressional Republicans, Democrats shouted "No bill, no break!".

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